HGHB is an Architectural, Master Planning and Land Planning firm based in Monterey, California. Now in our second generation, we fully integrate modern technology while drawing on our fifty year tradition of advancing the art of the built environment that contributes to the culture and community.

Our work, whether the design of a whole new community, single building or interior makeover, is inspired by its larger context resulting in environments that are distinctly vibrant and livable.

We are committed to remaining a service-oriented, medium-sized firm where a principal is always the client’s primary contact. It’s a choice that allows us to ensure high standards and effective communication throughout the course of a project. A principal is the essential conduit to relay the client’s needs and goals to the many designers and engineers who execute the design. In the office, we draw on the collective knowledge of a highly experienced staff. Our collaborative work process yields extraordinary results—designs that exceed client goals, positively impact natural surroundings, and engage the people they serve.

Ken Scates

Kenneth Scates, Principal


“We strive to design spaces that are distinctive yet familiar in the way in which they reflect community values and the sense of place.”
–Ken Scates

An HGHB Principal For over fifteen years, Ken takes the firm’s heritage of great design and personal service to heart. He has a natural interest in people and community, a residual trait from his Texas Hill Country roots, and thrives on the challenges of problem solving. Ken’s career began in the 1970s in San Antonio after graduating from the University of Texas in Austin. In Houston, he served as Vice President of one of the premier educational facilities in the state. Projects under his supervision have been recipients of local, state and national awards. During off-hours, Ken’s interests include Hiking, Golf, Sailing, Scuba Diving and Motorsports Racing. His interest in design extends to aerodynamics of a formula one race car or a well-trimmed sail. The accomplishment that he’s most proud of? The company’s rich network of outstanding long-term relationships.

Professional Affiliations
Registered Architect, California
USGBC LEED Accredited Professional
Corporate Member, American Institute of Architects
Past President, American Institute of Architects, Monterey Bay
Board Member, Carmel Valley Manor
Guest Lecturer on Green Building and Renewable Energy

Phil Korchek, Principal


“We design from the perspective of moving through a landscape in three dimensions because that’s how people experience daily life.”
– Phil Korchek

After three successful decades as an architect and urban planner, Phil remains passionate about what he does best—creating distinctive, timeless architecture that maintains the integrity of its surroundings. Phil joined HGHB in the late 1970s and became a principal in 1996. Today his experience and knowledge serve as vital resources for the firm’s practice of architecture and urban design. Technology-savvy but with a talent for hand-drawn renderings, Phil is known for his uncommon ability to translate complex concepts into simple terms. With an M.S. degree from Cornell University and Bachelor of Architecture from California Polytechnic State University, Phil feels “fortunate that my professional career has been with a firm whose culture has always been rooted in a serious approach to creating great design.” During off hours Phil takes a slightly less serious approach to fly fishing with his wife or crafting a great fettuccini Alfredo.