Monterey Peninsula College – Marina Campus Master Plan

HGHB Architects was commissioned to design the first phase of the Education Center Complex at Monterey Peninsula College’s new Marina Campus. As a first step in the process, HGHB was presented an existing master plan on which to base their design. Upon review, HGHB and the District concluded that the prior master plan did not adequately address the District’s concept for phasing nor certain environmental aspects of the site. HGHB prepared a new master plan which utilizes a traditional “quad” or courtyard plan as an organizing strategy that would allow the campus to grow in phases, while appearing complete at each phase. The courtyards would also allow hospitable outdoor gathering spaces with the buildings providing a foil for the prevalent northwest winds. HGHB partnered with the District to revise the campus master plan in the course of the first phase development without increasing the project budget, fees or schedule.